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Opening your own shop on the Kraken is a serious decision that requires special care and protection. It is important to understand that such activities are illegal, so you need to be careful and in no case disclose your activities both online and offline. If you are all the same decided on this, then you should know how the process of opening an online store on the platform

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The first step will be the design of a new personal account. If you already have an account on KRAKEN and you bought something, then it will not be suitable for opening a store. You will need a completely new account, with no history of purchases and transactions. After registration, you will need to go to your personal account and open a ticket with the platform administration. In the title of the application, you must indicate "I want to open an online store on", and in the description, provide the future name store, assortment of goods and sales plans. After sending the application, wait for a response, usually it happens quickly, and you will be given access to the functionality of the store. After your store is approved, you will be able to add products, track transaction statistics, communicate with customers, and add managers and employees. It is important to remember that security and anonymity are key aspects when working on KRAKEN. Use strong encryption methods, ensure data protection and be careful when communicating with clients. Opening an online store on KRAKEN requires special care and compliance with the rules of the platform. It is necessary to remember the illegality of such activities, as well as the possible consequences. It is important to take all measures to protect your identity and safety when working on